Dr. Michael Dada
Consultant Clinical / Forensic Psychologist

Meet Michael

Dr. Dada has been practising clinical psychology for more than 30 years, working with various patient groups and across wide-range clinical and forensic settings. At the initial stage, he practised as a Clinical Psychologist in general adult mental health for over ten years, providing services for people with minor and major psychological disorders. In the same period, he was a lecturer and researcher in Clinical Psychology.

He worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS for several years, mainly with services for people who have intellectual disabilities, and became a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in October 2004. Dr Dada has worked with several Multi-Disciplinary Teams, working across the full range of care settings including outpatient, community, primary care, in-patient, residential and secure services, both in the NHS and private sector.

He possesses well developed knowledge and skills in Autism. For over 15 years he has specialised and worked with people who have autism spectrum conditions, including those who may also present with learning disabilities, mental illness and challenging behaviour. In a previous employment, he became the corporate lead clinician for the Autism Practice Group of the Company.

Dr Dada is trained and licensed to use a number of specialist needs and diagnostic assessment tools, including tools for assessing autism spectrum conditions (e.g. DISCO, AAA, ADOS-2, etc.), cognitive skills functioning, adaptive/social skills functioning, emotional/affective characteristics, personality psychopathology, and risks of aggression and violence. He is skilled to adapt generic tools for use with people who have autism, intellectual disability, and other developmental disorders.

In addition, he has developed skills adapting generic models of offence-related therapies for people with autism spectrum conditions who also present with offence-related problems such as fire-setting/arson, sex offence/offending behaviour, addiction problems such as drug and substance abuse, emotional problems such as anxiety, anger, PTSD, OCD, depression, etc.

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment is the over-arching treatment model used by him, adapting several cognitive behavioural intervention techniques to suit individuals’ level of functioning and complexity of presentations.

In the area of autism, Dr Dada also provides training (levels 1, 2 and 3) for parents, staff, and professional others working in autism settings, including topics such as concepts and definitions of Autism Spectrum Conditions, Therapeutic Interventions such as SPELL, TEACCH, Intensive Interaction, sensory needs assessment and interventions (other specialist assessment and intervention techniques), Co-morbidity in Autism, etc. He is a supervisor for trainees from different professional backgrounds working towards specialism in Autism. He collaborates with academicians and other professionals in supervising or conducting research in Autism.

Dr Dada regularly attends conferences and workshops of high standard, and participates actively in organising local and international conferences, seminars and workshops in different aspects of autism. Dr Dada has professional links with other relevant autism agencies / groups such as Oxford Autism, Research Autism UK, Cambridge University Autism Group, National Autistic Society, and similar other academic and professional links.

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