Types of Services Provided

MKD Enabling Services provide supported living and personalised care for people aged between 16-85 years with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Conditions. MKD Enabling Services is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We deliver this service with a sound understanding of the needs of individuals with Mental Health Conditions, Learning disabilities and ASC in a structured, predictable and consistent environment. MKD Enabling Services will adopt Assistive Technology where useful, in order to minimise risk in the homes for the service users.

Our head office is based in Milton Keynes, which offers the facility of a meeting room for service users, families and visitors.

Range of Theraputic Activities

Each service user will be supported to access community activities and facilities. Each person has an activity timetable, devised with them, to accommodate their needs and their chosen hobbies, leisure and educational interests.

Each individual service user will have access to work training opportunities, day centres and specialist and/or mainstream colleges of further education.

Leisure opportunities are also offered including swimming, fishing, and bowling, ice skating, cinema and theatre trips, as well as day trips to places of interest to the individual.

All activity timetables are reviewed at regular intervals with the participation of the service users and adapted to any changing needs or interests.

Each service user is given the opportunity to attend religious services of their choice and arrangements are made to facilitate their attendance.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our service delivery is based on the premise of having a sound understanding of the needs of individuals we support by undertaking in-depth assessments, including sensory assessments. The assessment is undertaken by our MDT team and myself and the detailed knowledge we obtain from the assessment enables us to support the individuals in a structured, predictable, low arousal and consistent environment.

Dedicated In-House Multi-Disciplinary Team

Consisting of a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners and Business Development Consultant.

The MDT team provides aids for communication such as communication guidelines, Social Stories, Talking Mats and advice on TEACCH and Visual Scheduling etc. as well as monitoring individuals’ mental health. They are involved in the formulation of risk assessment matrix, and advise support staff with strategies for managing challenging behaviour.

Person-Centered Care

Essential Lifestyle plans (ELP’s) and structured individualised timetables of activities are in place to meet the clients’ needs and these timetables take into account the likes and interests of each service user, which provides predictability and helps to reduce anxiety.

We support individuals to identify realistic and achievable goals which are related to their community access, their level of exercise and physical activity, or other particular interests. Specialist interventions particular to people on the spectrum such as SPELL and visual scheduling are used, where appropriate, to support each individual.

Our service audience

We provide support to both male and female adults, aged 16-85 years with Mental Health Conditions, Learning Disability and Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). MKD Enabling Services is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Referral Processing


A pre-placement assessment is carried out by the Registered Manager and a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team using the Pre-Placement Assessment Form, to help decison making regarding eligibility.

It will provisionally be established if MKD Enabling Services can meet the service user’s needs and provide them with an individualised care package.


Once a referral has been accepted and the above assessment carried out and agreed a series of transition visits by the Manager, staff and/or MDT will be arranged with the service user, their family and Care Manager to develop their individualised care package.

Trial Period

Service users, their family and Care Manager will be consulted and involved throughout the trial settling-in period (3 months).

If all parties are agreeable that the support package is appropriate at the end of the trial ‘settling in’ period a review will be held with the service user, any family/advocate, relevant staff from MKD Enabling Services and the Care Manager, with a view to the support package becoming permanent.

Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer care is at the heart of what we do at MKD Enabling Services. We believe that by being transparent, approachable, honest, proactive and responsive, we ensure the very best outcomes for you, your family, and other stakeholders.

Each person we support is an individual and this is at the heart of our approach to customer care. For example, we undertake in depth assessments of everyone prior to offering a service so that we can get all elements of the support plan exactly right.

MKD Enabling Services welcome ways in which the care delivery can be developed and improved in practice, which is why any complaints or suggestions will always be taken seriously by the organisation.

It is our policy to encourage service users and their families or advocates, to express their views about the service they receive without fear of incurring reprisals or discrimination.

Quality Monitoring

The monitoring of service user, family and stakeholders’ satisfaction is considered an important indicator as to whether this Company is achieving its objectives of delivering a quality home care service and meeting all of the service users’ requirements.

At MKD Enabling Services, we aim to work actively with the service user, their families, friends, professionals and others involved in the service user’s lives to build and develop a positive, safe and homely environment. We also attempt to increase levels of choice, participation, decision-making for service users whilst respecting their individuality, rights; age,  life experiences, ethnic or cultural diversity and right to privacy and dignity.

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