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Young people and adults with a mental health condition, learning disability and/or autism have the right to the same opportunities as anyone else to live satisfying and valued lives, and to be treated with dignity and respect. They should have a home within their community, be able to develop and maintain relationships, and get the support they need to live healthy, safe and rewarding lives. This includes people of all ages and those with autism who do not also have a learning disability, as well as those who have both a learning disability and autism. This also includes people with a mental health condition, learning disability and/or autism whose behaviour can lead to contact with the criminal justice system.

We know it comes at a time when many people with a mental health condition, learning disability and/or autism, as well as their families/carers are frustrated that change has been limited and slow and we want to make a difference.

We pride ourselves on offering highly professional Supported Living Services for people who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Intellectual Difficulties, and/or Mental Health Problems, with or without behaviours that are challenging.

  • At MKD Enabling Services aim to promote independence and offer positive and meaningful opportunities for people with Mental Health Conditions, Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Learning Difficulties in an environment that is safe and predictable.

    All the people that we provide services for have their own unique skills, abilities and personalities. We strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all service users and in doing so are sensitive to the service users’ ever-changing needs.

    MKD Enabling Services LTD is owned and managed by one company director and other operations directors, managers and consultants who have vast amounts of experience in working in and providing services in the areas of developmental disorders (including intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and mental health conditions). Each of the Directors, managers and consultants will be leading specific skill areas and complement each other.

    The service also has access to specialist skills of other professionals such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapist, and positive behaviour support practitioners when needed.

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Don't just take our word for it

“While here at MKD I’ve been helping with the areas of artwork/getting around in the community to educate other company’s about ASD/ exploring provisions in the local community in terms of ASD & LD,  As I suffer from anxiety it’s helped me personally to tackle the anxiety by working within a team and getting around in community in the hopes of helping others. I’ve helped by giving insight & sharing my experiences from within the community that has helped in terms of training and increasing the knowledge about ASD & LD for the company, I have most enjoyed getting around the community and helping others as that’s my biggest goal helping others.” 

Tyler Giles 

Volunteer at MKD Enabling Services

“Tyler has gained more confidence since working at MKD in many aspects of his life, he has demonstrated more motivation for life. Tyler would previously lock himself away in his bedroom, not wanting to interact with others, now he’s happy to engage with his community and will be the first out of the door. Tyler has demonstrated a willingness to speak to members of his local community and is interested in finding out more about what he can do to help others especially. MKD has really helped Tyler to come out of his shell, show his true colours and learn about his Autism diagnosis across many different contexts of his life. Tyler now wants to help others access provisions that he previously was not able to due to failings of the local boroughs he has lived in and does not want anyone else to have experiences similar to this and is now working as hard as he can to ensure this does not happen. This has allowed for me to have more freedom in my own life and to see Tyler wanting to engage puts a smile on both mine and Tyler’s face.”

Debbie Giles

Tyler's Mother

Our specialist support service engages closely with local health and social services and commissioners to achieve these aims for people with a mental health condition, learning disability and/or autism. We work with children and adult services, families, work settings and schools to reduce behaviours that challenge, prevent isolation and exclusion due to behaviours that challenge, reduce the risk of family breakdown, increase the quality of life of children, young people, and adults who display behaviours that challenge, and increase the quality of life of their families.

We support people with a mental health condition, learning disability and/or autism and their families to make the most of their opportunities. Our approach emphasises independence, choice, and control. We promote early intervention, crisis prevention and intervention, respite or short-term therapeutic intervention, and long-term specialist support. Training is offered to families and carers to enable them to provide quality support for  who display behaviour that challenges. 

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